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You might be surprised to learn that people who purchase sex dolls for love are not necessarily perverse or creeps. My own sex shop offers a unique concept where the dolls are used to create beautiful, erotic art.

You can have many different poses with love dolls. It’s great fun to dress them up and show them the outfits you choose. My customers love to spend hours photographing their dolls. They can take so many poses and you can dress them in any way you want.

These dolls are a tribute to the female body, I believe. The female form is so beautiful. It is something to behold and immortalize.

It is very difficult to find a beautiful female who is open to trying on many different looks. You might even like to edit/Photoshop them and add them to your own collection, or share them online. You might consider asking permission from a woman to do such things. This permission is not easy and could even damage a woman’s reputation.

These love dolls can be used to make art that pays tribute to the female form. My customers who purchase love dolls are typically civilized, average people with a passion for erotic art and the female form. They can enjoy their hobby in a constructive manner with the dolls I sell.

One time, a buyer approached my office and asked if I could decorate his house. His wife had died a few years before he retired. He bought a large house but planned to live alone. He thought that he might feel more at home with his love dolls and their beauty might bring him joy. It worked.

He said that they were more beautiful than he had ever imagined, and that he actually raised funds for them. He was retired, and he wasn’t alone. This was the reason he decided to take up this new hobby. He began taking pictures of his dolls, and he found an online community that allows people to share stories and photos. He told me last time that his dolls have brought him joy and made him new friends. For friends if he is alone there would be very good gift of sex doll.

My point is to show that dolls can enhance your life and be used for more than just sex. Passionate things are what I believe bring us joy. These dolls are sure to bring you joy if you love the female form, beauty, and photography.

Many dolls and figurines look just like the colorful characters in the movie “Alice in Wonderland.” Based on a Lewis Carroll story called “The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland”, the movie was made. In 2010, the movie adaptation was released in theatres. It was directed by Tim Burton, and screen-written by Linda Woolverton.

Mia Wasikowska was Alice Kingsleigh, the heroine in the recent (2010) film ‘Alice in Wonderland. This story tells how Alice escapes her engagement party and is forced to marry a pompous, unattractive man. Alice follows a strange-looking white rabbit through an underground hole, returning her to Wonderland, her childhood fantasy land. During her travels, she is surrounded with many colorful and talking creatures.

Alice meets the Mallymkun Mouse, a talking mouse in a fuchsia-coloured uniform jacket, brown belt, and white scarf around its neck. His appearance is quite unique. You can purchase a doll that resembles Mallymkun Dormouse online.

Alice also meets Tweedledum and Tweedledee, two short and chubby guys. These two men are wearing black pants and matching black and white stripes. You can also find figures that look like these tubby characters.

Alice meets Jabberwocky, a fierce-looking creature. She realizes that she must conquer her fears and fight against the Jabberwocky. Alice overcomes her fears and is able to defeat the Jabberwocky near the end.

Helena Bonham Carter plays the wicked Queen of Hearts in this movie. A Queen of Hearts doll is available that resembles the actress. Her features include large lips with heart-shaped mouth, bright red hair and a large forehead. The Queen, Helena Bonham Carter (whose forehead was digitally increased to three times the normal size in the movie), is wearing a white collar and long red dress. The dress has a red-and-gold bustle overlay, and the skirt is embellished with gold colored hearts. Alice pledges to aid the White Queen to regain her rightful reign on the throne, and to end the Queen of Hearts tyranny over Underland creatures.

Alice crashes a tea party in one scene from the movie. In a beautiful blue dress, she hides in the Mad Hatter’s teapot. An Alice doll is available in a beautiful looking light blue dress. It features lace trim with lighter blue ribbon and a satin flower at the bodice. Ribbon is also worn on her right arm. Black shoes are her choice. She looks very elegant.

Alice is seen dressing up in another scene to defend herself against the evil Queen of Hearts. A pretty vinyl figure is available that looks exactly like Mia Wasikowska’s character Alice, when she disguises herself. The lovely ash blonde figure is dressed in a red gown with layers of silky net at the skirt and a white overlay with black stripes. As a bandage, the red ribbon is tied around her upper right arm. A red tasseled belt decorates her waist. Her shoes are black with red laces.

Another Alice doll that looks very similar to Mia Wasikowska is the one with the soft nylon light-blue overcoat and matching blouse. This doll looks stunning in blue.

Anne Hathaway was the pretty Mirana, the White Queen of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ The beautiful Mirana character (who is very similar to Anne Hathaway) is wearing a long, white gown with clear colored snowflakes and white beads on her bodice. A lovely pearl necklace and choker made of golden colored stars are worn around her neck.

Alice meets Niven McTwisp on her journey down the rabbit hole. He is a nervous, clock-watching, white rabbit who is very anxious. You can buy a doll that looks like him. He is wearing a blue waistcoat and has long, white ears.

Cheshire Cats have an unusually large smile. Cheshire is a grey-blue-striped cat with bright green eyes and grey fur. An image of Cheshire is also available online. The Mad Hatter is saved by the Cheshire Cat.

Johnny Depp plays Tarrant, the iconic character known as The Mad Hatter. A great Mad Hatter doll is available online that resembles Depp’s Tarrant. It has clown-like flaming red hair and matching eyebrows. The brown top hat has a pink sash, and is complemented by long jeweled pins.

Tarrant is wearing a soft, cotton fake shirt with a bow tie, a printed vest and scarf with golden buttons around his neck, and twill pants with embroidery trim and lace trim. He also has mismatched striped stockings and brown leather boots with red laces. A large safety pin holds the jacket of the Mad Hatter character together. It has ribbons in many colors. His jacket features bird embroidery, lace cuffs and a shoulder belt that holds several spools and a chain of gold with black and gold diamond shapes.

A Mad Hatter Futterwacken figure is also available that resembles Depp. The colorful top hat is still on his head and his flaming red hair are visible. Futterwacken is wearing a blue jacket, a dickey and a plaid kilt. He also has a tasseled belt, printed tie, and a tasseled belt. A plaid kilt, striped stocks and a bandolier with spools are also on his back. He is ready to dance the Futterwacken in preparation for the rebellion against Queen of Hearts (also known by the Red Queen).

The White Queen, once again reigning queen, banishes the Queen of Hearts as well as the Knave to the Outlands. Alice is given a vial of Jabberwocky blood by the White Queen. This will allow her to return home. Alice returns home to inform her family that she will live her life on her terms and her way.

Collectors and fans would both love each of the dolls made from the 2010 movie ‘Alice in Wonderland. It’s a great movie for all ages to watch!

A movie called “The Wizard of Oz” was first shown in cinemas in 1939. Many figurines, dolls, and figures are based on the movie characters. Frank L. Baum wrote the story ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’, which was the basis for the movie ‘Wizard of Oz. Judy Garland was Dorothy Gale, a Kansas farm girl who lived with her Uncle Henry, Auntie Em and three farmhands. Toto, her dog, is also featured in ‘The Wizard of Oz.

Miss Elmira Gulch, Dorothy’s dog, is attacked near the beginning of the story. Miss Gulch promises that she will get the sheriff to destroy her dog. To keep Toto safe, Dorothy flees with Toto her dog. Along the way, she meets Professor Marvel who is a fortune teller. He lies to Dorothy, telling Dorothy that Auntie Em has become ill from grief after Dorothy’s disappearance. Dorothy returns to her farmhouse. She is unable to join her family, who are locked in the storm cellar. During a tornado, she is knocked unconscious by a broken window. The great twister causes her to awaken when the house is flies through the air. She is in unfamiliar territory when the farmhouse lands.

A lovely figurine is available online that resembles Glinda, a pretty girl with long golden hair who is holding jewelled charms in her hands. Charms depict Dorothy’s dog Toto, the ruby-red slippers, a rainbow and the Tin Man’s heart. The Glinda figurine is dressed in a beautiful pink dress. The skirt of the dress features a picture featuring Scarecrow and Tin Man, Dorothy, and a Lion.

Dorothy is afraid of the Wicked Witch of the West, who looks like Elmira Gulch. A figurine of the Wicked Witch of the West with a broom in the sky is available online. She is 18 inches tall and has a long, crooked nose, a green face, and a matching black pointed hat. Her dress has many green jewels at the waist. The same green stones are found on the bottom of the witch’s skirt as well as the rim of the matching hat.

Glinda, the Good Witch, advises Dorothy that she find the Wizard of Oz at Emerald City and ask for his help. To get to Emerald City, she tells Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road. Dorothy sets out to find the Emerald City, and her imagination takes her on a journey that will lead her to the Wizard of Oz. She meets interesting characters that look just like her family and close friends.

First, Dorothy meets Scarecrow, who wants a brain. The Scarecrow figure can be found in blue overalls. He is also wearing a blue floppy straw cap and a checkered long-sleeved shirt featuring a large white collar.

Dorothy meets Tin man, who longs to have a heart. You can also find a Tin Man figure online. He is holding a silver knife. Tin Man is wearing a metallic silver outfit and matching silver boots. This is a wonderful collector’s item. Dorothy also meets a friend in Lion along the way. The Cowardly Lion is looking for courage. A figure that resembles a Lion is also available. The Cowardly Lion is golden in color and has a matching tail and mane. This figure would make a wonderful addition to any Wizard of Oz collection.

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