The A – Z Of Cabinet Installation

There are a variety of ways to go about the installation of upper cabinets. I have 30 years of experience building kitchen cabinets. These methods have proven to be the best method to hang my uppers on walls. These tricks will save you time and frustration when you choose to apply these tips.

The first step is to locate the place where the studs, as well as furring strips. I accomplish this by tapping the wall with my fingers first. Once I have located a spot in which I believe there is one I then begin drilling three-quarter inch holes in different locations.

The holes must be drilled in a place where cabinets will cover them when they are put in. If I tap on the stud I mark the stud. Then, I measure sixteen inches from my mark and then tap the wall once more, searching at the next one. Repeat this until all studs are identified and are marked.

Find out which side of the cabinets on the wall will be situated away from the floor. You can then create two prop sticks that can be adjusted made from four pieces pine. The typical size for the cabinets on walls is fifty-four inches off the floor. Props for these cabinets should be set to be a bit higher than the place where the bottom of the cabinet is.

Draw a line of level on the wall to indicate where the base of the first upper cabinet will be placed. It is essential to have the first cabinet completely level. The first one to be put up is in the corner.

If you have to cut a filler in order to connect it to the cabinet, follow this step. It’s recommended to put an appropriate measure against the wall against which the filler will be placed to check for any humps or dips that you need to consider.

If you must cut the filler in a crooked way so that you can get the cabinet installed plumb, cut the filler in a crooked way. All cabinets should be plumb, level and square. Any modifications to ensure that the cabinets are set at an even level must be done by fillers.

Drill three-quarters of an inch large holes into on the rear of your cabinet in the exact places as the studs are in the walls.

Set the prop sticks at an angle just beneath the floor line. The first upper cabinet should be lifted until it is level and adjust the props to ensure they support that weight on the cabinet. Keep the cabinet in place and fix that it is fixed to wall using two screws. To do Kitchen Remodeling in Nashville is not an easy task but expert could do for your kitchen in very reasonable price.

Transfer the props to support the wall cabinet that will be installed. The cabinet will be drilled back to the areas where screws will be inserted in the wall’s wall studs. Place the upper on top then adjust the props so that they keep it in place, and finally utilize clamps to align your cabinet’s front with the wall cabinet that you put in.

Make sure the clamps are secured very securely. Attach the cabinets at the front first before securing your cabinet on the wall. Repeat the procedure until all the cabinets are in place.


You’re working on a kitchen remodel project in mind and you’d like to complete the kitchen cabinet installation yourself, but are not sure how to begin. I’ll gladly give you basics of how to put in kitchen cabinets, so you can feel more confident when you begin your renovation.

I can’t overstate the importance of becoming familiar with the layout of your kitchen. Review the plans and imagine how your final kitchen will appear. This will make you feel more at ease when you begin the installation. Also, ensure that every cabinet you put up is level and straight. This is crucial. Make sure to take your time and make sure you are doing it correctly.

There’s more to the installation of cabinets for kitchens than people are aware of. There’s more than drawing designs on your wall and fixing the cabinets. Sure, you could put the cabinets on the wall and put them in and then the final result will appear similar to it. I’ve had carpenters say that the work I did for an income is “cream work” until they actually attempted to put in certain kitchens I’ve built throughout the decades.

When it came time to actually installing the kitchen, and installing it in the correct way they were completely confused. They discovered fast that the installation of kitchen cabinets , as instead of understanding how to install kitchen cabinets, they were two entirely different things.

While I’m not saying that you have to be an expert in the field to put in kitchen cabinets, however, you must be aware of the fundamentals of cabinet installation in the kitchen should you decide to embark on your own kitchen remodel. Making sure the cabinetry is level level and straight line with one another is the most crucial aspect for the installation of kitchen cabinets.

Let’s say that you’ve selected an granite counter-top, and you have all the cabinets in place. the builder arrives to make a template for your counter but then you realize that the cabinets on the base aren’t level even a little bit or aren’t in a straight line , or there are a few small gaps or bumps between them.

The person who is making the template will be packing his equipment and tell to you the cabinet need to be adjusted before he is able to return to design the template.

A counter-top manufacturer who manufactures stone will not put in their counter until the cabinets are level and flat. Stone is very impervious to imperfections If there is an even slight bump in the middle of the base cabinets, it’s going cause major problems with the counter-installation.

As you spend more time inside during winter months, you start to spot things that could require some retouching or a complete overhaul. One thing which may require an overhaul is your kitchen. And one method to make sure that it is completely transformed is to make a fresh cabinet installation.

If you’re fed up with the look that is outdated or simply don’t look right with your appliances There are a few things that you can make to the cabinets in your kitchen to help them appear fresh and new.

It is likely to result in being the most costly. However it can also bring the greatest satisfaction and improvement after the project is completed. With the many choices and prices that come with installing cabinets it is crucial to consider all possibilities before making the final choice in terms of the style. Some of the most popular brands and styles these days, like Kountry Wood, offers you the classic option of wood cabinets available in various fashionable styles and finishes. This allows an individual look to your kitchen or home at an affordable cost.

There are other options for wood cabinets include Cherry or Maple, offered by an Michigan firm like Lafata Cabinets of Shelby Township allows you to select beautiful woods that will bring that extra touch of style to an revamped or modernized kitchen.

Such questions are, when they come up in the course of installing the cabinet will be answered with a myriad of other questions like, “Are we looking for a long term or short-term answer? ” Also, “What is our overall goal and idea for this makeover?” After you have completed these questions, and other questions that might appear during your process of deciding, you are now able to answer “cheap or expensive, long or short-term” questions.

The life expectancy of cabinets can’t be determined solely through the installation and the product by itself. A variety of factors, including maintenance, use and layout will determine the length of time cabinets last.

For instance the cabinet installation which is completed in the home with an older couple without children is usually more durable than a household of four, which has a lot of use in the kitchen, and the use of its cabinets. If you are trying to determine the durability of the cost of cabinets, whether expensive or cheap, and their durability within your home, think about how often they are being closed and opened as well as cleaned and repaired and so on.

If you live in a house that sees a lot of activities in your kitchen area, it could be better to choose doors with a style and cabinets made of materials that are simpler to maintain and clean. Durability is determined by the overall quality of the entire design.

A reputable bathroom and kitchen remodeling store should have constructed from solid wood cabinets with no cheap particle board products that are prone to crumble. They should also have their products manufactured in the USA so that the durability and appearance of the wood. This is exactly as the manufacturer states it is.

A key rule to keep in mind when you have cabinets installed in your home is to ensure that you keep a schedule of cleaning for them to ensure they don’t get dull and decrease their usefulness. The basic rule is to wash and inspect your cabinets each 6 months for wear and wear and tear.

A few things are a good idea to do in order to fix old cabinets is get rid of dust and clean the fingerprints, cooking fumes and other dirt off with an damp cloth and non-wax cleaner. This can bring them back to their original splendor. Other repairs, such as making sure that hinges and handles are securely screwed in and securely, is also important to take care of during this time.

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