SEO Software gives just Ups and Downs of Numbers

I have over 10 years experience in digital marketing. I have used many different SEO software. SEO involves researching, decision-making, and implementation. SEO includes keyword research, site audit and backlink audit. You also need to determine how keywords perform in search engines. Although there are many steps to the SEO process, these are the most important. This article will discuss the best SEO software that I have ever used to accomplish all my SEO tasks.

Google Keyword Planner is my only tool for keyword research. AdWords can only gather accurate data from one company search engine, I believe. While I don’t blame any other keyword research tools for this, Google can only provide the exact data about how many people search on Google search engine.

I am aware that keyword planner shows only accurate search volume for accounts running paid campaigns. I suggest that you run a paid campaign to get the most accurate data. This will benefit both sides. You can only use the paid tools available in the market if you don’t have any free keyword research tools. Instead of paying for keyword research, you can run AdWords to get accurate data.

Semrush is my favourite SEO software for any task related to SEO. It can do all the tasks required for SEO. Although it can do all tasks, it is best for SEO audit. The audit is done on three levels. Site audit is the first to identify any technical issues on the site. The second level is a page audit that identifies and corrects any technical issues. The accessibility audit is used to assess page loading speed and user experiences.

Semrush is my preferred tool for site audit. It covers both the first and second levels of the audits. It checks over 200 checklists, and then it categorizes them into warning, error, and notes. This provides a good idea of which SEO techniques have the greatest impact. An individual page audit is the best tool because it provides data about competitors and suggests ways to optimize pages to target a specific keyword. For further details please visit these links

Lighthouse is a Chrome tool that allows SEO audit. It is available by clicking inspect and right-clicking on the page. This free tool can perform my third level of SEO audit. This tool checks over 200 checklists in categories such as Performance, Progressive web apps, Best practices and Accessibility.

It also provides SEO advice. It is completely free and you will be amazed at the results. It is located under Performance. It checks for how many colors you use on your website. It also provides a checklist that you can use to manually check. It will be a great resource for people new to SEO, as they can gain valuable information.

SEO is all about backlink research and audit. Although it is possible to do this using Semrush, Ahref provides more data. Ahref is a dedicated tool for backlink research that provides accurate and fresh data. This is why most SEO professionals recommend it.

To know the rank of our targeted keywords in search engines, rank tracking is an important task. Google Webmaster Central and Analytics provide search analytic data but it is not accurate and live data. It is a good idea to use paid software to track keyword rankings.

Paid software such as Ahref or Semrush can provide historical data and a detailed keyword position report. Ahref and Semrush will cost you at least 100 USD per month. If you have the budget, I recommend Semrush because it includes all the tools necessary for SEO.

Majestic is a more powerful SEO tool, but I chose to write what I like the most and use it. Rank Tank is another good software for keyword position tracking. These are the best SEO tools I’ve used. This article is intended to be of assistance to SEO beginners.

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