Face Your Gambling Addiction!

Gambling addiction has become an epidemic, particularly with the widespread availability of internet gaming websites. If you’re one of those numbers, are you prepared to do something to change your life around?Nobody can get it done for you. Only YOU can choose to change your own life as only YOU have selected, consciously or by default, to take this slippery path downhill into gaming addiction. That is not to say you are to blame. You made the decision in order to guard yourself in some way.It is human nature to find the quickest path to pleasure in life and try to prevent pain and that is clear but, when pleasure comes at the cost pusatwin of relinquishing family, family, friends, home and also the precious things in life which are irreplaceable, then which may be an extremely high cost to pay.It is possible to make the choice now to take another route.Primarily, the most important thing will be to discover the underlying reasons for your gambling addiction. That’s going to require willingness and courage on your part because you’ll have to really confront yourself. The tune”I’ve been to heaven” from Nancy Wilson, comes to mind as very relevant to many of us who run from ourselves into outer distractions and chase promises of fulfilment and short-lived pleasure, all the while overlooking the important things in life and especially, any deep link with our inner being that will offer our lives actual meaning. We stop ourselves at all costs, frightened we might find emptiness inside. Dealing with emptiness is less painful than gaming your whole life away. I’ve been to emptiness and meaninglessness lots of occasions and have returned to tell the tale and so will you.If you feel you don’t have the courage then that is not correct. If you can gamble, you have a great deal of courage and it merely needs to be re-directed. You just need to be happy to take step one.Second, you may realize you have been using your gambling addiction to cover uncomfortable symptoms such as loneliness, boredom, depression or anxiety. Everyone goes through some of those states at some point in their lives. You are not alone , nor are you mentally ill; you’re merely human just like the rest of us.Maybe you are running away from disasters or difficulties that you feel that you do not understand how to deal with; there’s not any shame in that. We’re not born with the skills to deal with everything in our own lives; we only learn them as we move along.Thirdly, once you are aware of the inherent need your gambling addiction is hoping to fulfill, then you can find another way to meet this requirement.You’ve got the power within yourself to turn your gaming addiction around in the event that you want to. Are you ready to do so today?

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